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The Seventh Cup is an absolutely enthralling piece of modern fiction.

The Seventh Cup Paperback – September 25, 2013

  • Paperback: 311 pages
  • Publisher: Cyberwit.net (September 25, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8182534488
  • ISBN-13: 978-8182534483
  • Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 12 ounces 
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4,501,794 in Books 

The Seventh Cup is an absolutely enthralling piece of modern fiction. Capturing the reader with its exciting and suspenseful story, the book has a lot more to offer than just a 'well-crafted' mystery. In a crisp and beautiful way, the author has crafted the story to help the readers understand the connection between the Human Mind and Science and Religion.
The Seventh Cup has a fine and striking amalgamation of emotions as well as sensible arrangement of incidents that lure the reader to believe that everything in the universe happens because of a reason. By this simplistic story, the author has made the readers understand the fact that when a person desires something, the entire universe conspires to help that person realise his dream. Interlinking of the Universe with Human Mind, the physical realisation of the law of Universe, and the unfolding of transient world’s knowledge stirring in the cosmos, is what forms the basis of the plot of the Seventh Cup. The book’s excellent narration lures the reader into the fascinating world comprised of believers and non-believers.
This book is inspired by Rhonda Byrne’s famous book, The Secret and is a delightful yet knowledgeable piece of literature that forms the so called section of ‘serious reading’. The story revolves around a sociopathic Avinash, a drama student from Goa who upstages Veronica Schmith in a college dramatics club. Striking the concept of mind transportation over a cup of coffee, Avinash takes Verona into a deeper world full of surprises, but apparently she perceives it as nothing more than a game. The exchange student enjoys Avinash’s company and co-stars with him in his play put up by the Dramatics club. Verona after sharing a Champaign and kiss with Avinash, flees back to Switzerland, where her so-called boyfriend Kevin is waiting for her. Against this backdrop, in Zurich, Switzerland, Avinash tries to give the finishing touches to his story with the aid of his laptop, a notebook, a tightly gripped pen and supposedly Verona. Exactly over the seventh cup of coffee, Avinash attempts to complete the last chapter of a play script entitled In Search of Truth, allegory whose central charachters- Man, Science, Religion-debate the age old issues of their own place in the universe and their relationship to one another.
Another part of the story revolves around a husband-wife team of criminal detectives, Thomas and Sussane who are  assigned to investigate a variety of missing person cases, the most interesting one being Avinash’s eventual report of the disappearance of one Verona Schmidt. As Sussane comes to know Avinash and those closest to Verona, the detective, still struggling with the recent death of her own grandfather, finds herself becoming personally engrossed not only in the mysterious theory of mind transportation but also in the clues she perceives in Avinash’s incomplete manuscript. As the detectives move towards the case solution, the readers are transported to a world of gothic guilt and ghastly gloom. The author suddenly, but strategically, removes us from the civilized life of cafes and campus settings to descend the spiral staircase into a creepy cellar, where lie all the hidden secrets.
The book not only offers a good read but also compels the readers to peep deeper into their own selves and the universe, to search their life's answers. The Seventh Cup is a book that if kept on your book rack over the years, will offer you something new, every time you read it.
                                                                                                          - Tasneem Sara
Tasneem Sara is an Author by heart, mind & soul. Well, we would say if words could have been eaten, she would have been one of the heaviest persons. She is a young and bubbly lady (a girl would be more fitting) in her twenties with 3 novels under her belt already. When most of us, in our twenties, find it hard to focus on an appropriate career path and skim through various options the life presents, here is someone who has paved her path on her own and pushing forward at a tremendous speed.
Tasneem Sara is the author of three page turning novels
The author lives in Ahmedabad. Her area of expertise includes an array of content development. She excels in creative writing and creates master pieces in modern fiction.

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Book Review- Kavya Kutumb (Hindi Edition) Paperback –2013 by Diwakar Pokhriyal, Rochak Publishing, pp.86, ISBN 978-9381696361

KAVYA KUTUMB (Paperback) published by Rochak Publishing is available worldwide via Amazon USA and through publisher's site. The book is also available in India at Amazon.in, Infibeam and Ombooks. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Edited by: Dr. Santosh Kumar
Binding: Paperback
ISSN: 0974 - 0023
Publisher: Cyberwit.net
Pub. Date: 2013

This edition includes a massive collection of  artwork, poems, haiku, book reviews, photography and visual art by international poets and artists reaching a worldwide audience. My heart’s desire is that the Harvests should concentrate on publishing new and original authors and artists across the globe. No doubt, Painting and Poetry are closely related. This is confirmed by this very subtle comment: “Writing, music, sculpting, painting, and prayer! These are the three things that are most closely related! Writers, musicians, sculptors, painters, and the faithful are the ones who make things out of nothing. Everybody else, they make things out of something, they have materials! But a written work can be done with nothing, it can begin in the soul!” (C. Joy Bell C).


A. Ravikumar 
Ajay Kumar Chandra
Albert Russo
Alexander Kozhukhov
Alisha Jennings
Amit Saini 
Anand G Nair
Bhadauria Manish Singh
Ban’ya Natsuishi
Christophe Vacher 
D Everett Newell 
Diane Ketelsen
Doc Drumheller
Diane Ketelsen
Elancharan Gunasekaran
Fran Shaw
Harshad Karmalkar 
Ivan Greenberg 
Ivan Kaletenya 
Jaee Apte
Jasmine Jennings
Jay Friedenberg
John J. Han
John McDonald
Karunesh Kumar Agrawal
Katya Ganeshi
Kusum Shukla
Lisa Jennings
Lynda Ortiz 
Madhumay Sinha
Mark J. Mitchell 
Michael D. Sollars 
Moshé Liba
Neha Rautela
Nitisha Tomar
Painter Coded (Ruta Bauzyte-Jarosz)
Pere Ibañez
Piya Chakrabarti 
Prachi Kapoor
Pushpanjana Karmakar 
Sayumi Kamakura
Shirley Bolstok
Strukova Marina Vasilevna 
Surbhi Manit Datta 
Suzie Palmer
Taha Kehar
Trishit Banerjee
Vadim Filatov 
Vennila Ramanathan

World Book Fair 
New Delhi (04-10 February 2013)

The New Delhi World Book Fair, held in Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, is India's oldest book fair. Started in 1972, this biennial event takes place in early February, and is organized by the National Book Trust, India (NBT). Apart from publication, NBT promotes National readership policies and also supports the growing markets of neighboring countries. 

Cyberwit.net at World Book Fair

Cyberwit.net showed its books in hall No. 14-34B. New Delhi World Book Fair provided a huge platform to Cyberwit.net to exhibit books of its authors. Authors published by us received huge exposure as visitors were from worldwide. Nearly 1,100 exhibitors from 28 countries showed books in every category in 2,100 stands. More than 75,000 visitors came to the Fair everyday. This number crossed 100,000 on the last day, which was a Sunday.

Graphic Books of Anil CS Rao at World Book Fair

Display of AZsacra ZARATHUSTRA's books at World Book Fair

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5 feet 5 inch Run Machine - Sachin Tendulkar [Paperback]

5 feet 5 inch Run Machine - Sachin Tendulkar [Paperback]

  • Paperback: 140 pages
  • Publisher: Cyberwit.net (October 15, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8182533457
  • ISBN-13: 978-8182533455


  • If the extraordinary league of heroes from all fields will be made, Sachin will get the responsibility of captain.
    Sachin’s presence makes Indain team easy to intimidate opponent and difficult to get intimidated, easy to be victorious and difficult to be looser.
    Sachin scored so many runs by his leg glance shot alone that a other batsman might have scored in his life time.

    5 Feet 5 Inch Run Machine this book has the 400 quotes/insights written on Sachin Tendulkar by Me. The title of the book is self explanatory. These quotes explain his batting excellence, his noble character and people s love and feelings for him. As soon as you read the quote you will find that you have experienced the explanation in the quote in your life while watching Sachin s batting. The quotes are written with relevant metaphors and sensitivity because Sachin s batting is both best and beautiful. Few quotes in the book are written in accordance with my 6 Amit.B.Kalantri personal experiences while I watched his batting. There are few quotes said by the renowned cricketers of the world for Sachin. But this book does not include those quotes. The quotes are original and new written by author who is great fan of Sachin Tendulkar.

    About the Author: Amit Kalantri has authored two books including this one. His other work is I Love You Too a book with romantic insights. Amit Kalantri is a 2009 batch Electronics and Telecomm engineer from VIIT, Pune. He is currently working with an IT firm in Pune. His interest lies in writing movie scripts, making advertisements and writing blogs. Amit has written and directed two ads for internet media for Airtel and Pepsi.

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    Maryada - In Rendition

    Maryada - In Rendition (English and Hindi Edition) [Paperback]

  • Paperback: 75 pages
  • Publisher: Cyberwit.net; 1 edition (November 1, 2012)
  • Language: English, Hindi
  • ISBN-10: 8182533503
  • ISBN-13: 978-8182533509
  • Shipping Information:
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,576,059 in Books


    Book Description

    MARYADA, a larger than life word, is second skin. In common parlance, it signifies right and freedom to dignity to respect, laced with limitations if at all. On the higher plane, it signifies Godlike qualities and has been equated with God himself Maryada Purushottam Ram ! As the owner of this name, I had the privilege to embrace the whole meaning and significance of this massive word. The right to self respect and dignity on the one hand and embracing self imposed limitations on the other. The formula I have absorbed to live that dignity. It never meant limitation in the narrow sense. Instead it the freedom thrust upon me to enlarge my Self to fit into the largesse of this word!

    About the Author

    Abha Maryada Banerjee is India's first internationally acclaimed Woman motivational speaker rated as one of the prominent Leadership,Performance and Success Coaches/Speakers in Asia Pacific. A die hard expressionist , she is prolific in her conduct and words to convey LIFE , SUCCESS and INSPIRATION . In her words, Poetry is not my forte but Life definitely is, I never let a moment go by without living it. And then is my big purpose to convey inspiration in all it s glory for people to grow, seek and become fully functioning human beings. My life is a result of inspiration and if I have to inspire, I will go all out and embrace whatever allows me to reach that purpose and this time, it is poetry. My mind refuses to see limitation and that is what is being conveyed even now. What I convey in my words is totally uninhibited, absolutely real and practically do-able. I never knew I could write poetry, now that I have been able to, my belief in human possibility has been reconfirmed yet again. Described as Inspirational, Eclectic, Maverick, Thought innovator, Leader Extraordinaire, Mentalist, Experience Converter, Humor Machine and humble beyond belief, she is also fondly called Asian Oprah and Asian Woman Motivator . Abha has spoken at prestigious forums across Asia Pacific as Motivational and Leadership Speaker and also as a representative of the Indian way of life. She has impacted thousands of People and Business across the World in performance enhancement. She is gifted with the unique ability to get people to take action to reach their fullest potential and professes Personal Mastery for individuals and Emotional Fitness for Corporate to reach their excellence potential.

    Friday, October 5, 2012


    T.Wignesan: Born in Kuala Krai, Malaysia. Up to his twenty-first year in Singapore, India, and Malaysia; then in London, Heidelberg, West Berlin, Madrid, and Paris. Education: After only four years of schooling at Batu Road School and the Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur (1946- 1949: dropped out in 1950); school and higher school certificates (Cambridge University: 1951 (SC: 9 subjects - Grade One) & 1953 (HSC: 1 A-level & 3 O-levels), and London University GCE: 4 A-levels and 1 O-level - 1955); Bar studies at the Inns of Court School of Law, London (1953-56); began doctoral dissertation in Philosophy (epistemology) at Heidelberg Universität and Freien Universität in West Berlin (1957-58); Hispanic Studies in Madrid (1968-72): Escuela Oficial de Idiomas: 3rd Year Certificates in language, literature & civilization: 1968-70; Universidad de Madrid: Diploma in Hispanic Studies, 1971 (1970-72) and Instituto de la Cultura Hispanica (M.A. course in Hispano-Filipino studies:1971-72); Université de Paris-VIII [Equivalence in Spanish Literature for the Licence: 1972; Maitrise d’Enseignement d’Espagnol: 1973]; Comparative Literature: Sorbonne-Nouvelle (1973-83); Aesthetics-Poietics: Université de Paris-I-Panthéon-Sorbonne [Doctorat d’Etat ès lettres et sciences humaines: March 1987. Viva scheduled at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle for June 3, 1983 postponed sine die due to jury mishap]. Extraordinary Prize in Hispanic Studies at Madrid University (1971). Distinctions: Très Bien for the Master’s degree and Très Honorable à l’unanimité (summa cum laude) for the doctorate.

    Books by T.Wignesan